Methyl Ester Sulphonate (MES)

MES is an anionic surfactant produced from fatty acid methyl ester by sulfonation. This surfactant is able to subtitute LABS (Linear Alkyl Benzen Sulfonate), a petrochemical based surfactant widely used as an active compound in washing and cleaning agent products. Prospective application of MES is for Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) and Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) to increase the crude oil production from oil field. The anionic surfactants are more environmentally, cost effective and competitive, stable in the reservoir temperature up to 152 oC and salinity of reservoir fluid up to 37.000 ppm. The surfactant also works well in wide ranges of reservoir permeability and porosity, sandstone and limestone rock types, light and heavy crude oil types, high asphaltene content, high wax content, high pour point, and emulsion problem.